Babywearing jackets and covers

Suitable both for a cool summer evening as well as an icy winter morning, the different models of  Babywearing Jacket offer reliable protection for your

baby and yourself in all weather conditions.They are stylish  without compromising on functionality. Warm, windproof, and water-repellent, these

qualities characterize  babywearing jackets. You will look good in all weather, alone or with your baby.

When your child is snuggling up in the Baby Wrap Sling, the Babywearing jacket adapts easily. There is enough space and protection from all weather for

your baby due to the functional insert in sizes S to XL. Individual models also have an insert for expectant mothers.

The  Babywearing cover keeps you nice and warm on cool and frosty days. Put on the cover after you have put your child up onto your back or on your

front in a Baby Wrap Sling or a carrier. By adjusting the drawstring, the cover will be draught-free. Both you and your baby will be comfy and warm.

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Lotus Rainbow | Lenny Lamb

Price €93.60
 The arrangement of the pattern on the product may differ from the one presented in the picture. The sweatshirt has a universal cut,...