Ring slings

Ring slings

Ring slings are one shoulder baby carriers that are one-size-fits-all.  Ring Slings are made out woven fabric with a pair of rings (either silver or gold) sewn to one end for ease of use. Like  woven wraps, ring slings are completely adjustable and can be used from infancy through toddlerhood as a front, hip or back carrier.

The ring sling is very easy to use and quick to get on, with many parents preferring it for its practicality.

Unlike a woven wrap, you can leave the ring sling pre-tied for easy ups and downs.

Available in two shoulder versions, i.e. the way how the sling fabric is attached to and sewn around the rings:

- Pleated:  very comfortable as well, easy to adjust to any shoulder  

- Gathered: comfortable, it looks very "tidy", the pouch to put in the baby opens up naturallyAlthough, at first, some find it more difficult to learn the proper carrying technique with a ring sling compared to a woven wrap.

Newborn parents also tend to love ring slings because they are great front carriers for tiny bodies, and they provide both ease and cover for breastfeeding.

However, when carrying a newborn in a ring sling, the safety procedures should be strictly followed.

While the ring sling can be used for toddlers as well, the one shoulder carrying position can become heavy for some parents.


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