Onbuhimo is an East Asian-style baby carrier originating from Japan with two straps, one at each upper corner of a rectangular body panel, and rings or

loops at each lower corner of the body panel, worn by seating the baby in the body panel and tying the straps around the wearer. The straps are threaded

through the rings or loops near the wearer’s waist. Some current day styles use buckles and/or also connect the straps from the bottom of the panel or

the top.

Crawling babies and walking babies love to discover the world, but they also love to be carried for quite a long time.

The Didy Onbuhimo provides a comfortable place on your back.

The carry is ideally suited for carrying children who can sit unassisted. It looks a bit like a rucksack and is put on and taken off just as fast and easily. Moreover, it is light and fits folded in any bag – very convenient when you’re out and about.

This carrier is a good choice if you’re pregnant as it has no hip or waist belt and is used primarily for back carries. There is no pressure on the growing belly.

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