Ergonomic carriers

Ergonomic carriers

Unlike our baby wraps and ring slings, ergonpmic carriers have padding and buckles built in for quick, simple assembly.

This is a beautiful option for parents who enjoy the flexibility of a wrap carrier but desire more structure — plus, there is no need to learn any of the tying

techniques you would need for a woven wrap.

Parents who prefer baby carriers are drawn to them for their ease of use and built-in support. You can hold your baby close on both your front or back

(but not facing outwards), as well as be comforted by sturdy straps and buckles that are simple to adjust and get on and off.

Ergonomic Carriers often come in different sizes:

- baby

- standard

- toddler

- preschooler

Adjustable carriers are the ones with different types of regulations for the panel width and lenght to adapt it to the baby growth. 

Ergonomic baby carriers like the ones offered by us, are those with a wider base in which the baby assumes the so called "seated squat" position while

in the carrier. In this position, the baby is seated in the baby carrier in such a way that its knees are at a higher position as compared to its bottom

thereby following an "M" position.

Hence Ergonomic Baby Carriers try to replicate how we would normally hold the baby in our arms except keeping our hands free to go about our

routine while having the baby snuggle up, feel close and secure.

Ergonomic carriers ensure baby is comfortable, safe and well supported while maintaining a good posture supporting the baby's spine, pelvis and the

hips and aiding in their healthy development.

Ergonomic Carriers are also comfortable for the wearer as they distribute the weight better without putting a strain on the spine and the low back. This

is especially so if wearing a heavier baby or while carrying a toddler. Overall, an ergonomic carrier makes for a safe and comfortable, well supported

carry for the wearer and the baby where you will barely feel the baby's weight.

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