Elastic wraps

Small and sensitive babies especially feel very content in a soft and cosy elastic wrap. It allows you to explore the world with your little one right next to you from birth and enjoy the feeling of closeness and safety afforded by the secure fastening. The sling nestles around you both thanks to its finely knitted, elastic cotton fabric and wraps your child up nice and softly. It’s ideal for light newborns, babies with temporary blockages and premature babies who couldn’t wait to come into the world.

Stretchy wraps are mainly popular as an introduction to wrapping and are often used for the newborn phase when support is not an issue. Stretchy wraps can be less intimidating to new parents compared to woven wraps because they can be tied on first, before the baby is placed into the carrier. Stretchy wraps are best for front carries. They can't  be used for hip and  back carries. The main disadvantage of a stretchy wrap is that the stretch of the fabric means they are not always supportive enough to carry heavier babies comfortably, meaning they have a limited lifespan. Stretchy wraps are usually one-size-fits-all and are generally offered in plain colors.

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